A new era of music videos - VR in the music industry

360° videos, while the are strictly speaking not virtual reality, are the most accessible form of these new technologies for content creators. You need new equipment, but you don't need legions of coders to make something breathtaking. Artists started discovering 360° for music videos, and the first pieces are insanely cool.

360° videos create a stronger bond

A 360° video brings the fans closer to their favourite artist, quite literally. Virtual reality is a new stage for musicians, as seen on Björk's Stonemilker music video shot in 360°. Björk is well known for her experimentations with technology. After releasing Biophilia, the first ever interactive album in an app format in 2014, Stonemilker is again just an App Store download away. The video features the singer on an Icelandic beach.

FOALS also released their music video shot in 360° for the song Mountain at my gates, as did Fort Minor for their track Welcome. Another honourable mentions are U2's Song for someone and Muse's Revolt. Also its not just for big shot stars - Nigel Thomas just released his single Que Sera with a 360° music video. 

Virtual reality as a bonus feature

Megadeth has experimented with virtual reality as well for their new album Dystopia. They shot an entire mini concert exclusively for VR, meant to be enjoyed with a pair of goggles. While the physical sales are declining in the music industry, and only the biggest fans buy physical products anymore, VR can be a huge bonus asset for a new release.

It's impossible to talk about music and virtual reality without mentioning concerts. It's happening. UMG and iHeartRadio just announced their partnership to bring live concerts into the virtual reality. After years of experimentation (remember when Coldplay streamed their concert in VR back in 2014?) this is finally going mainstream.