BMW's Motorrad Vision AR helmet is a true fashion statement

We have seen plenty of amazing visor concepts from automotive companies featuring VR and AR. Remember the cool concept from MINI (which is also a BMW-company)? We can also find actual augmented reality heads-up displays (HUD) on windscreens of many car brands now. The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept goes an extra mile. It shows us a future combining zero emission, a self-adapting chassis and augmented reality without compromising driving experience. 

The concept looks amazing. If Tron's light cycles come to your mind first, you are not alone. But the design is just the beginning.

First, it is a zero-emission vehicle. Second, it's self-adapting. Driving is really nothing but reacting to the current conditions on the road and adapting to different scenarios. The Motorrad does the same by changing its exterior body. We are drooling.

This self-claimed adaptation eliminates risk, so the driver does not have to wear a bulky helmet. Just an augmented reality visor.

The AR headset is made of protective glass. It delivers up-to-date information about the road, the current speed and also about the ideal curve similar to fighter jet HUDs. The visor has integrated motion detector and provides a rear view mirror image. Further menu options can be controlled by finger gestures. 

This concept, in particular, belongs to the far future; but motorcycle helmets with augmented reality heads-up displays are around the corner. BMW - and some others as well - presented an AR HUD helmet concept this year at CES: