#campaignwatch - GSK's Excedrin Migraine simulator

#campaignwatch brings you virtual reality / augmented reality marketing campaigns from around the globe. We only pick the best ones: brands creating an experience that would have been impossible without shifting realities. This time it’s GSK's Excedrin Migraine simulator campaign.

How the brand benefited from virtual reality in the campaign?

If you say "migraine" most people would simply say "come on, it's just a headache." Well, it's not, and you probably don't have an idea how bad it is until you experience it for yourself. That is why GSK Excedrin came up with the first ever migraine simulator. They used an Oculus Rift to let you experience what a migraine rush is like. They teamed up with people living with migraine to properly simulate the effects, and shared this virtual reality experience with volunteers. The results: nothing we've ever seen.

Why this marketing campaign is important?

This is not just a big step for a pharmaceutical company in terms of marketing, this is also a great step in developing empathy towards people suffering from certain conditions - on a level that was unimaginable before.