#campaignwatch - Art of Patrón

Our #campaignwatch is a collection of the best virtual reality / augmented reality marketing campaigns around the globe. We only pick the best ones forcing the industry to create full virtual experiences for brands. This time it’s the Art of Patrón VR campaign.

How the brand benefited from virtual reality in the campaign?

This is a simple but beautiful campaign, reminding us that great brand experiences are never complicated. Remember Johnnie Walker's widely acclaimed and (over-)awarded spot, The man who walked around the world ? It was storytelling at its very best, documenting a brand's journey. How would you teleport that into virtual reality, and how would you make this an unforgettable experience? Bring out the best tools - a drone and some of the best graphic designers - and bring the user on a great journey about how Patrón makes its products. It's simple and beautiful. 

Why this marketing campaign is important?

It's one of the first VR campaigns focusing on brand storytelling as an experience. And because VR marketing is exactly about storytelling as an experience, let's remember Patrón as one of the pioneers.