#campaignwatch - Virtual Destinations by Qantas

#campaignwatch brings you virtual reality / augmented reality marketing campaigns from around the globe. We only pick the best ones: brands creating an experience that would have been impossible without shifting realities. This time it’s Qantas' Virtual Destinations campaign.

How the brand benefited from virtual reality in the campaign?

The Australian airline launched its Virtual Destinations campaign to entertain their passengers flying long-haul between Sydney and LAX, or waiting in the lounge on the ground, and show them their destination using spectacular 360° videos. The videos where beautifully executed, and I bet some passengers would loved to stay in that reality - except that they were just en route to that place.

Why this marketing campaign is important?

Anyone who's ever took a flight to Down Under knows it's a long trip from anywhere, and especially from Los Angeles. What better way to kill time on the plane than getting excited about your destination? Also we are short on words to describe the quality of these videos.