#campaignwatch - Ume's Living with a lag

#campaignwatch brings you virtual reality / augmented reality marketing campaigns from around the globe. We only pick the best ones: brands creating an experience that would have been impossible without shifting realities. This time it’s Ume's Living with a lag campaign.

How the brand benefited from virtual reality in the campaign?

Ume is a Swedish broadband provider. The company used virtual reality to talk about the Most Important Problem In Our Lives, lagging Internet connection. The campaign was truly amusing. They used Oculus Rift with a Raspberry PI and a webcam. The cam recorded the actual reality, and everything that happened afterwards was delayed with a couple of seconds. The users' reactions? Endless fun. Sure, the campaign got a big boost in social media but considering how funny it was it probably performed well in organic reach, too. 

Why this marketing campaign is important?

Virtual reality is just a tool in this campaign, but it's used in a very clever way. No campaigns made VR so accessible ever. Also, a lagging connection has never been so funny.