#campaignwatch - Volvo's VolvoReality

#campaignwatch brings you virtual reality / augmented reality marketing campaigns from around the globe. We only pick the best ones: brands creating an experience that would have been impossible without shifting realities. This time it’s Volvo's VolvoReality campaign.

How the brand benefited from virtual reality in the campaign?

When Volvo launched their new XC90 SUV on the US market they came up with one of the first virtual reality test drive experiences. It's a simple idea to get the feeling of a car when there's no dealership close by. Quite a few companies started doing this since Volvo's campaign. The experience was built on FramestoreVR. R/GA, the ad agency, shot a 360° video on a beautiful trip in Vancouver, and put a CGI car interior on the top of it.

Why this marketing campaign is important?

Some think Volvo is old-fashioned but this campaign clearly defies that stereotype. It was one of the first VR test drive campaigns, paving the way for all the other companies.