Fight animal abuse with virtual reality

Locked behind bars you hear squealing. Looking around you see the bodies of those who came before you, now strung up and bleeding. You watch helplessly as they are picked off one by one; until finally it’s your turn.

Prepare for an insane journey. Animal Equality, an international animal rights organization has made it possible to experience what it’s like to be on the death row. Their groundbreaking VR project iAnimal creates a 360-degree immersive experience in which the viewer is transported inside factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Go where they don't want you to go

Animal Equality has been long trying to inform the public about the insane conditions at factory farms. Projects such as iAnimal are incredibly important because they there's quite a difference between reading about animal abuse and experiencing it. It's a great example of VR being the ultimate empathy machine.

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In iAnimal you can see with your own eyes what these animals’ life is like from the moment they’re born until the moment they are slaughtered. The video transports you to the exact place where the meat industry doesn’t want you to go. Virtual reality very well might be the future of animal activism.

Sure, iAnimal is not true VR, it's 360 video. But it's just the beginning. Add physical pain for example, and even the most vicious carnivore in you will hide crying in the corner.

If you eat meat, have the balls to experience iAnimal. See how your meat lives in no space. Feel how scared your meat is. Watch your meat struggle and watch your meat die. And definitely help iAnimal go far by sharing this upsetting but incredible project.