How VR made it to the TV and what does it mean #ConanOBrien

A few days ago Conan O'Brien visited YouTube's VR Lab and the rest is history. Virtual reality made it to the mainstream television as a form of entertainment.

Conan visits YouTube Space in New York City trying some of the most high-tech, cutting edge virtual reality technology in the world. He mostly wants to know about porn. 

The video is funny as hell. It's surely worth to watch and laugh with Conan who's representing the distinctly not geek Six Pack Joe, knowing nothing about the latest trends in virtual and augmented reality. 

Make it more appealing for everyone

It's first time someone from the mainstream TV entertainment puts his hands on the latest and hottest of future tech gadgets. And this is what virtual reality really needs: to be more appealing for everyone. We need to reach the point when Joe Six Pack instantly thinks about VR compatibility buying his new computer or smartphone. 

Bonus footage from Conan's visit to the VR Lab. Conan mistakes his weapons for sex toys while training to become a Space Pirate. 

Using cutting-edge VR technology, one lucky CONAN audience member gets an inside view of the show.

Customer demand drives future technology development, and the customer demand for VR hasn't reached the tipping point yet. It's a chicken and egg problem, and Conan just brought us infinitely closer to hatching that egg. Remember when Conan tried smartwatches?