Running from zombies in VR. For real!

That damn zombie gets closer and closer. You run as fast as you can, but there’s nowhere to hide. Suddenly a bite… and you feel the burning pain. Yes, real pain in VR. Sounds like TONS of fun!

Let’s take a look at a handful of promising alternative control options for VR both available and on the horizon!


UnlimitedHand is a forearm band programmed with haptic feedback technology and a multi-channel electronic muscle stimulator that can both detect and influence (!!!) your movements while playing a VR game. It is capable of tracking your finger movements and simulating the “feel” of certain objects in the digital world. It can replicate sensations such as touching, pinching, grabbing and it can even simulate pain. Yikes!


3DRudder is a feet-based VR motion controller. You place your feet on a circular pad while seated and the 3D Rudder allows you to move in virtually every direction by simply depressing on the foot pedal. One of its cool features is that is leaves your hands free for other tasks. 

Manus VR

The Dutch startup is developing virtual reality gloves that are capable of tracking – and even predicting – your arm movements. Manus VR aims to immerse more parts of your body in the virtual space. After covering the user’s palm and fingers, they have now started tracking forearms too.


VirZOOM is a large VR peripheral. It is basically an exercise bike with gamepad controls built into the handles and sensors that track how fast you’re pedalling. You turn your bike simply by leaning to the left or right. This creates a surprisingly realistic virtual bike experience. We can’t wait to visit the first VirZOOM spinning class!